My fascination with cigars can be traced back to when I was just 8 years old watching my father come home after a long day at work to unwind with a cigar and assess the day’s accomplishments. A naturally curious child, I often wondered why it took so long to smoke one cigar and why I could smell it from a block away as I turned the corner on my way home. What captivated me the most about his cigar smoking was not only how much he enjoyed taking his time smoking one, but also how intricate the cigar band and packaging were. Even at a young age, I recognized my Dad’s desire to experience the finest life has to offer.

As an adult, I vividly remember the first time I smoked a cigar, and specifically, the number of times it took me to actually light it. Since then, whether alone or with friends, the experience of smoking a cigar remains magical each and every time. Over the years, I have learned that there is something very distinctive about selecting a good cigar and something special about enjoying it with good company. I crave emotionally-charged experiences that remind me how vulnerable and fragile life is. From singing opera to driving classic cars and playing musical instruments, I'm constantly looking for ways to unite my mind with my heart. There's something connective in smoking a good cigar and that's the experience I'm looking to help create with Arbano cigars.

While I can’t enjoy a cigar with my father anymore, he remains the driving inspiration behind launching Arbano. Drawing from his self-made, entrepreneurial spirit and combining it with my enthusiasm for the cigar industry, I created a cigar experience that aims to evoke the full nature of life.

After all, life is filled with wondrous highs and vulnerable lows, but most of all, life is bursting with opportunities to connect and experiences to enjoy.


We source the best

Creating the perfect blend is a difficult task. Our experienced blenders and testers have been able to construct an incredible blend using only the highest quality tobacco.


Expertly Cured

Having the best harvesting, curing and fermenting techniques are key components of producing a premium cigar. We use a combination of air-cured and sun-cured tobacco leaves.


Handcrafted Quality

Rolling a cigar is a form of art. Our success is because of our wonderful team of men and women that truly love cigars and see cigar rolling as art. Their passion and dedication, combined with years of practicing the art of rolling cigars is what we at Arbano are proud of.